Crystal Ballroom
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720 Marshall Rd Malaga, and Ellenbrook    (Find Us...) Phone (08) 9249 2600 or (08) 9249 6798
Monday 9.15-10.15am $10

New Evening Class
6pm-7pm $10
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Why not workout and come to the party; ZUMBA at Crystal Ballroom, this class allows time to drop the kids at school and get to your class on time. Come and join other class members in a friendly atmosphere, on a sprung dance floor and air conditioned for your comfort.

Latino DanceFit Class
9.15- 10am $10

Crystal Ballroom fitness classes are designed for mums with school runs, come and get fit in our fitness classes.

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Give it a go, it's fun

Latino DanceFit
Wednesday 9.15-10am

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Latino DanceFit is a new fitness program that offers an exciting way to learn to dance and exercise at the same time. There's no need for a partner!
It's All Solo! Latino DanceFit combines the most popular dance steps from the most popular Latino dance rhythms all choreographed into an easy exercise programs for you.

Come try Latino DanceFit
Hip Hop Samba
ChaCha Rhythms
Mambo Core
Bolaro Stretch

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